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It was a sad day yesterday at the Archives and Collections when we said goodbye to our fantastic Project Assistant Fiona Hall. With the help of volunteers Kay, Maria, Emma and Lucy, Fiona has done an incredible job identifying and researching GSA students who stayed at the School and became involved in Home Front activities during […]

We’ve declared it Way Back Wednesday here at the Archives and Collections! Our Skills for the Future trainee Jennifer Lightbody has been collecting data from various Audio Visual films created by previous GSA alumni as part of her Audio Visual Project. Jennifer updates us below. I’ve been at the GSA Archives and Collections for 6 weeks […]

Communication around GSA’s 70th annual Fashion Show and the exhibition celebrating it gave the Archives and Collections a unique opportunity to develop our collection of fashion and textile related material. We’re keen to continue to add to this over the coming months and are still accepting donations of items which were showcased at GSA Fashion […]

Last week, the Archives and Collections said goodbye to two amazing volunteers with enviable IT skills. Calvin Park and Brendan Armstrong from University of the West of Scotland took time out of their busy student lives to undertake an eight week placement with us to improve the future of our online catalogue. They share their experiences below. Hello! We […]

The Archives and Collections are pleased to announce that our extensive collection of Fraser Taylor material is now live on our online catalogue! This can be found here under Archive Reference DC089. The material consists of Fraser’s personal papers and drawings from when he studied at GSA as well as textile samples, fabric lengths and […]

Another GSA Fashion Show draws to a close this week. But don’t fret, there’s still a couple of days to visit our collection of fashion show material which is part of the GSA Fashion Show 70th Anniversary Exhibition in the Reid Building until the 26th of March. Can’t make it? Simply email us at […]

Allow us to introduce our new Skills for the Future trainee Jennifer Lightbody. Jennifer is one of a group of seven trainees currently part of Cohort Three of the Opening Up Scotland’s Archives project with Scottish Council on Archives. She joins us here at the Archives and Collections for six months and we look forward to seeing […]

This month, the Archives and Collections are celebrating all things fashion! As well as the School’s annual Fashion Show on the 21st and 22nd of March, there is currently a glamorous collection of our archive material on display in the corridor of The Reid Building until the 26th. In the first of two posts, we will look […]

Hello everyone! My name is Cat Doyle and I’m the new Archives and Collections Assistant at GSA. I’ll be on hand for all visitor services so please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at: if you want to make an appointment to pop in, have a chat and enjoy looking at some unique […]

As part of a series of talks given in association with the exhibition ‘Eugène Bourdon: From the Classroom to the Battlefield’ celebrating the life and work of Professor Eugène Bourdon, Archives and Collections Project Assistant Fiona Hall delivered a talk on the fundraising activities organised and held by the School during the First World War […]

It is that time of year again when the Christmas holidays are fast approaching! This year, the GSA Archives and Collections will be closed for an extended period from Friday 23 December 2016 to Monday 06 February 2017. During this time we will be focusing on our collections management and service development work. This means […]

Many of you may have noticed the recent installation of the exhibition Merry Christmas! A History of GSA Christmas Cards in the Reid Building Ground Floor Corridor (this exhibition will be on until the 21st December).This exhibition features the work of a number of GSA staff and students who took the time to produce their own Christmas […]

The Glasgow School of Art staff and students have celebrated Christmas since the School’s opening by producing Christmas balls, theatre productions, fairs and beautifully illustrated cards to send to one another. In this exhibition the GSA Archives and Collections presents a selection of these materials including photographs, ephemera and cards made by GSA staff and […]

The Scottish contemporary Art Network (SCAN) has recently announced the launch of their project website Mapping the Visual Arts. An ambitious project, the purpose of this map in to help raise the visibility of a wide range of funded and unfunded art activities happening across Scotland today. This should hopefully be a useful tool for our […]

That is right, today we are plugging some of the upcoming talks by GSA Archive team members Fiona Hall (Archives and Collections Project Assistant) and Peter Trowles (Curator) who will be talking around the current exhibition in the Reid Building ground corridor, Eugène Bourdon: From Classroom to the Battlefield. There will be two lunchtime talks in the […]

Now residing in the Reid Building ground floor corridor is the exhibition Eugène Bourdon, From the Classroom to the Battlefield. This exhibition focuses on the career of Paris-born Eugène Bourdon, The Glasgow School of Art’s first Professor of Architectural Design whose life was lost while serving with the French Forces at the Battle of the Somme […]

Following the post ‘Halloween and the Day of the Dead: Part 1!’ we continue with the story of George Oliver. George Oliver “An art school training, with drawing as the favourite means, plus a life-long enthusiasm for people and places, combined to make George Oliver a wide-ranging observer, not least because of the pen, in […]

It is that time of year again when ghosts walk the earth and guisers appear as people begin to prepare for the usual Halloween festivities! Celebrated in a number of countries Halloween originated from All Hallows’ Eve, which is part of the Western Christian triduum of All Hallows’ Eve (31st October), All Saints’ Day (November […]

Today we continue with the story of George Gordon Macfarlane in volunteer Lewis Swallow’s second post. Macfarlane’s biography on the Dictionary of Scottish Architects showed that he continued as an architect after returning to London at the end of the war. Here, he ran his own practice where he designed inns for the brewers Watney […]

Yes, it is once again upon us! The 2016 Mackintosh Festival is in full swing with many events about, and inspired by the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. As I suspect many of you know, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and was the architect for, the aptly named, […]

Continuing with the GSA Archives and Collections posts on the GSA WWI Roll of Honour, volunteer Lewis Swallow writes about what he has discovered during his research into individuals on the Roll. During my time volunteering on this project, I have been able to delve into the life stories of former students and staff of […]

  Further to recent posts about the GSA WWI Roll of Honour, volunteer Vivien Lamb writes about her research, in particular the experiences of GSA students of architecture who served in WWI. My research on the Roll of Honour project looked at former GSA students who served with the RAF and the Royal Engineers in […]

A great big thank you to all those who attended the GSA Fresher’s Fair this past Monday! The GSA Archives and Collections team was in force and we had a great time talking to students and staff about our collections as a resource and how they could be used to inspire and inform new artworks. […]

In the next instalment of International Student Data Patterns, our Skills for the Future Trainee Cat Doyle takes us through a diagram she produced which gives an insight into student numbers from particular countries between 1903 and 1949.   Between 1903 and 1949, GSA was attracting students from 24 different countries which can be seen […]

Watch our new stop motion animation and read the accompanying post about how Skills for the Future trainee Cat Doyle has tracked changing International student patterns at GSA. The International Links project stirred a curiosity in me about the history of the Glasgow School of Art’s popularity with students from overseas. These students currently make […]

It is once again that time of the year when Glasgow throws open its doors and welcomes people into its many unique, historic and beautiful buildings and spaces. Returning for its 27th year, happily and appropriately during the national Festival of Architecture for the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, the Doors Open Days Festival […]

Another post today about the recent research into the GSA’s First World War Roll of Honour. Volunteer Fiona Gordon talks about her experience of researching the individuals on the Roll, and some of the discoveries she has made. Researching the lives of students commemorated on the First World War Roll of Honour has not been […]

Today our research of the individuals listed on the GSA Roll of Honour continues! One of our volunteers Melissa Reeve-Rawlings recaps some of the discoveries she has made in ‘Researching the GSA Roll of Honour’. The Glasgow School of Art Roll of Honour project has been researching a memorial commissioned in the 1920s which bears […]

Last week the GSA Archives and Collections hosted an open afternoon where people could come into the archive to learn more about the George and Cordelia Oliver Archive and see some of the highlights of the collection. As part of this event Academic Liaison Librarian David Buri gave a short talk about the photographs of […]

Project Assistant Fiona Hall gives an update on some of the potential avenues of research she has found in ‘Home Front Memorial Project and The Belgian Connection’. Hello! I thought I would update on my progress so far, it’s been a few months since my last post regarding the Home Front Memorial Project. However, you […]

GU placement Nicola MacRae recaps some of her discoveries about Cordelia Oliver and her work amongst the papers of the George and Cordelia Oliver Archive. Sadly, I am nearing the end of my internship at The Glasgow School of Art archives. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have gained valuable experience, for which […]

The Needlework Development Scheme in Scotland was a venture that ran from 1934-1939, and 1944-1961 and was a collaboration between art and design education with industry. Funded by the thread manufacturers of Paisley J & P Coats (anonymously at the time) the aim of the Scheme was to encourage greater interest in needlework and to […]

A new exhibition of GSA Archive and Library materials is now on display in the GSA Library! Displaying a selection of travel related materials to satisfy your wanderlust there are a number of artefacts from our holdings currently on show on the mezzanine and second floor of the GSA Library. The majority of the items […]

Our University of Glasgow intern Nicola MacRae talks about her work cataloguing the George and Cordelia Oliver Archive. My name is Nicola and I’m a student at The University of Glasgow on the Information Management and Preservation (Digital/Archives Records Management) MSc. course.  I’m currently undertaking an internship at The Glasgow School of Art which has […]

Fiona Hall writes about a recent discovery in the GSA Archives and Collections in the last post of the ‘Remembering Bourdon’ series. A recent discovery within the correspondence is a notice advertised in the School on behalf of Bourdon requesting care packages for his men, and attached to the poster is an image of Bourdon […]

It is quite likely that when I say ‘Paisley Pattern’, many of you will understand and be able to imagine the pattern I am referring to. A pattern made up of small symbols perhaps best described as a curved teardrop or maybe a tapered kidney, this pattern has adorned shawls and garments from the 18th […]

Fiona Hall continues with her research into Eugène Bourdon and his experience of World War I. 1915: Bourdon’s bravery and life at the Front.  In 1915 Bourdon kept up regular correspondence with the School, and alongside the ongoing issues regarding his salary, it is clear that he also wished to be informed of events and […]

“This makes the casts in fact priceless” Recently some of the GSA Archives and Collection’s plaster casts have moved from the Mackintosh Building to their new home over the road in the Reid Building. Those of you who have already seen the post Our Plaster Casts and Objects, you will know that the Mackintosh Building has always […]

In this week’s post Fiona Hall continues with the story of Eugene Bourdon who was killed at the Battle of the Somme. Captain Bourdon ‘I trust, therefore, that you will have no further disquietude… but rest contented that although you are absent in body your spirit rules over the school which is at once your […]

Exactly 100 years ago today on 1 July 1916, Staff Captain Eugene Bourdon, GSA’s first professor of Architectural Design was killed in France at the Battle of the Somme. As a mark of respect, an information board has been placed in the foyer of the School’s Reid Building to commemorate Bourdon’s ultimate sacrifice. Later this […]

In our last post we took a look at The Great Diary Project, a developing collection of diaries from all across the country. Today we are going to take a look at some of our collections as well a project that continuing the tradition of diary keeping in an unusual way. Like most archives, the […]

What is the value of a diary? As a form of personal record these documents can provide a wealth of information ranging from the minute details of a person’s everyday life, to comments on the current times and an often revealing look at the commonly held perceptions, and prejudices, of the day. Why people choose […]

The Refugee Festival Scotland has started! Since last week many events have been taking place across Glasgow that bring together people from refugee and local communities to celebrate the contributions refugees have made to life in Britain. One such event is the recently launched ‘Lest We Forget’ Exhibition currently on display at The Mitchell Library. […]

Cat Doyle, our Skills for the Future Trainee continues with her research into international links at The Glasgow School of Art by examining the archive’s collection of travel diaries. I’m now almost halfway through my International Links project at GSA Archives and Collections and it’s fairly flying in! I’ve built up a diverse body of […]

Volunteer Karen Harkness writes about her recent work on the extensive GSA Archives Textile Collection. My latest project at the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections involves the assessment of a range of textile items including needlework, costumes, Art School uniforms, printed textiles and even an embroidered Eskimo doll! The Glasgow School of Art […]

GU placement Hillary Fortin provides an update on her work treating and re-cataloguing our fire damaged ceramics. As part of my work placement with the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections, I created a poster about a specific aspect of my placement. I decided to write about the treatment and re-cataloguing of fire-damaged ceramics […]

  Hello! I’m Fiona Hall, and I’ve recently joined the Archive and Collections team as a project assistant working on the Home Front Memorial Project. I hope to share with you all exciting and intriguing stories about the lives and activities of the staff and students that continued to study at the school during the […]

Our Skills for the Future Trainee Cat Doyle continues with her research in ‘The First International Exhibition of Decorative Art’. There are still a number of exciting contemporary art events happening as the Glasgow International Festival draws to a close and the GSA Learning Resources team thought we’d get on board! Visit our new display […]

Hillary Fortin who has been working on the GSA Archives and Collections Ceramic Collection talks about our recent ceramic workshop and her new display at the GSA Library. The 21st of April was a full day of exciting activity with the Glasgow School of Art’s ceramics collection. The morning involved setting up the workshop ‘Tea […]

As those of you who read the blog regularly will know, we recently welcomed to the GSA Archives and Collections team the Skills for the Future Trainee Cat Doyle (see Introducing our new Skills for the Future Trainee – Cat Doyle for more information). Cat is researching international links within the GSA Archives and Collections, looking for […]

Archives can be amazing places where not only objects and records are stored, but where stories can be re-discovered and re-used. The GSA Archives and Collections is no exception, and amongst our many, many records are some truly amazing and quite surprising stories. One of the most entertaining of these, is that of the ‘Living […]

Continuing to look into the impact of continental staff in the early 20th century, Skills for the Future trainee Cat Doyle investigates eminent sculptor Johan Keller’s time at GSA. Sculpture was taken very seriously at GSA in the late 19th century. It was believed that studying it would benefit every artistic discipline and a significant […]

Our university placement volunteer Hillary Fortin who has been working on the GSA Archives and Collections Ceramic Collection talks about Heather Jack and Alison Brown’s visit to the Archives. The aim of my work placement with the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections is to research and enhance the documentation of ceramic objects held […]

Serena Korda’s exhibition Hold Fast, Stand Sure, I scream a revolution, recently opened in the Reid Building Gallery as part of the Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art. Collaborating with sound designer/composer Martin Low, Korda is creating a ‘sound sculpture’ for the Reid gallery using audio visual equipment and a set of elongated ceramic bells. Taking inspiration […]

Skills for the Future trainee Cat looks at the impact of Belgian teaching staff at The Glasgow School of Art in the early 20th century. Let’s start with a little context… Before 1900, all art institutions in the UK were directed by the Government’s Department of Science and Art and aspiring tutors had to certify […]

Ailsa Sutcliffe, GSA Archives volunteer, continues with the final instalment of the story of John Charles Lamont, listed on the GSA WWI Roll of Honour. THE FRIENDSHIP In addition to their strong Glasgow connection and mutual residence in Kirkcudbright, Sivell and Lamont also married into the same local Sayers family. It is suggested that Lamont […]

Emma Carey, one of the GSA Archives and Collections project volunteers recaps her recent work cataloguing and packaging a new archive acquisition, student work by Lindsay Wadey. Lindsay Wadey (née Winning) was a student at the Glasgow School of Art from 1963 to 1967. This year, she has kindly donated her student portfolio to the […]

Volunteer Ailsa Sutcliffe continues with her story about John Charles Lamont listed on the WWI Roll of Honour, with more information about his friend Robert Sivell. Robert Sivell was born in Paisley in 1888. His path into the Glasgow School of Art was not plain sailing. It was only after several years of hard labour […]

Ailsa Sutcliffe, one of the GSA Archives and Collections volunteers currently researching the GSA WWI Roll of Honour, talks about her work and what she has found out about one individual in particular. One John Charles Lamont. Researching the Roll of Honour’s men can be a fairly tricky task. It involves a lot of patience, […]

Hinterland is the name of a project to reinvigorate St Peter’s College in Cardross. Completed in 1966, St Peter’s College was built for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Glasgow for the training of priests. Consisting of four connected new buildings placed around, what was, the existing 19th century Burnet mansion, Kilmahew house, the college was […]

For those of you who have not heard, in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art the exhibition Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors 1885-1965 is currently on display. As part of this exhibition the National Gallery is hosting several events that touch upon the artists represented, including several notable GSA alumni. Some particular events to look […]

Hello everyone! I’m Cat Doyle – the latest addition to the archives and collections team! I am here as part of Skills for the Future Opening Up Scotland’s Archives project and will be spending six months looking into The Glasgow School of Art’s international links. I hope to share lots of intriguing stories about the […]

Some of you may have heard of the on-going development of Kelvin Hall, the building that once housed the transport museum and which currently sits opposite of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. This site is currently being re-developed into a new cultural hub that will not only provide access to several important Glasgow Museums Collections […]

The exhibition ‘From the service of Venus to the worship of Mars’ has been extended! Currently taking place in the Reid Building this exhibition shows off some of the artefacts, ephemera and materials that artist Rachel Lowther used to inspire and inform her work in the companion exhibition,’ Nothing compares to the first time getting […]

As some of you may already be aware, the GSA Archives and Collections recently opened again to the public and we are now in the happy position of being able to provide access to our many artefacts and records. As an outstanding resource for the study of art, design, architecture and much more, the School’s archives […]

Recently GSA Archives had an enquiry from Suzy Richardson – 4th year student at the University of Glasgow – regarding a floral ceramic set and GSA graduate May Wilson, a potential Glasgow Girl. After conducting research in our archives, as well as in the Mitchell Library and Glasgow Women’s Library Suzy provides more information about […]

Alison Stevenson, head of learning resources provides a little more information on the recent archival acquisition of ‘Fake Ophelia’ by Steven Campbell, and where you can find out further information about this work. One of “the most remarkable” of Steven Campbell’s collages is how the critic Duncan MacMillan describes “Fake Ophelia” which became part of […]

How time files! The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections is now officially open to the public! We held our official opening this past Wednesday 27th and were delighted by the number of people who stopped by to have a chat and to see some examples of our holdings. I have said it before, and […]

Continuing our research into individuals associated with the GSA during the First World War (find out more about the current exhibition of archive materials from this period in ‘From the service of Venus to the worship of Mars’) Maja Shand continues with the story of Dr Tina Gray. Born in Helensburgh in 1884 to a wealthy […]

Continuing our research into individuals associated with the GSA during the First World War (find out more about the current exhibition of archive materials from this period in ‘From the service of Venus to the worship of Mars’) Maja Shand continues with her research into the entrants on the GSA Roll of Honour, and reveals the […]

From the service of Venus to the worship of Mars and Nothing compares to the first time getting shot at. These two exhibitions opened last Friday to a roaring reception in the Glasgow School of Art’s Reid Building. Nothing compares to the first time getting shot at by artist Rachel Lowther will run from the 16th January […]

A belated Happy New Year to all GSA Archive blog readers! Since the fire in the Mackintosh Building in May 2014, the team here at the GSA Archives and Collections has been searching for an appropriate location to serve as both our new office space and archive stores while the restoration work continues on the […]

It is once again that time of year for gift giving, feast enjoying, and present receiving fun. It has been an eventful year at the School and in the New Year the archives will continue its work in recovering and restoring the many items in our holdings. A small reminder that over Christmas the GSA […]

The GSA Archives and Collections Centre, is a unique centre in that it is not only an archive – an organic accumulation of records from people or organisations – but a museum collection – a gathering of objects including textiles, paintings, ceramics and more. As an organisation we look to gather together materials and records […]

All of us here in the GSA Archives and Collections have been working hard for the last couple of months on preparing our office and reading room for opening in January, and we are almost there! For Christmas the GSA Archives Centre will be closed after Friday 18th December until Tuesday 5th January. While we are […]

Peter Trowles, the GSA Mackintosh Curator, reflects on the current importance of the GSA Photographic Archive in informing the work of Page & Park and the ongoing restoration of the Mackintosh Building. As the task of rebuilding the fire damaged Mackintosh Building gathers pace, those involved in the detailed restoration programme continue to collate evidence as […]

This week we are continuing to look at the process of restoration and its complexities. To highlight some of the difficulties of such work, today we are going to look at the restoration of a well known Scottish site, Stirling Castle’s Great Hall. As the GSA Archives continues to be mined for small facts, documents and […]

Episode 05 ‘Some are big like pebbles and some are small like sand’. This final podcast investigates extra-curricular, focussing on Activities Week, a programme of events that ran throughout the 1970s and into 1990s.  The podcast is made up of staff and student recollections of these activities and  features extracts of audio from performances by […]

Mackintosh Curator, Peter Trowles, discusses his research into the GSA Archives and how this unique collection of records and artefacts that tracks the history of the School can, and is informing the restoration of the Mackintosh Building.  Eighteen months on from the tragic fire that destroyed much of the western half of the Mackintosh Building, […]

Episode 4, ‘Talk, Make, Play’ is the second part of the podcasts focussing on the Mixed Media department at Glasgow School of Art. This part discusses the work made by the students of the department, the opportunities for students leaving art school in the late 1970s-early 1980s and what eventually happened to Mixed Media. It […]

Opening this weekend at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is an exhibition of work by Scottish women artists. Covering the period from 1885 (when Francis Newbery became Director of the Glasgow School of Art) until 1965, this exhibition will have more than 90 works on show drawn from the National Galleries’ collections, public […]

It is once again that time of year where we stock up on sweet treats and spooky jack-o’-lanterns in preparation for a visit from guisers! To celebrate, the GSA Archives will look at some of the costumes in our holdings to help inspire you for this Halloween!

Today we have another podcast episode from GSA Archive researcher Debi Banerjee, Episode 3, ‘Evolutionary not Revolutionary’. The first of a two part podcast which looks at the Mixed Media course at Glasgow School of Art which ran from 1977-1981, this first part focuses on the formation of the department, which was set up and […]

Continuing with the series of podcasts created by Debi Banerjee for the project New Wave: Materials, Methods and Media, Glasgow School of Art 1970-1986, Episode 2 ‘Section Five’ was released this Monday on our new project site (full address: Continuing on from Episode 1 ‘First Things First’, this episode looks at Section Five, an experimental first year […]

Skills for the Future Trainee Maja Shand, talks about her research into GSA alumnus Allan D Mainds. Photograph of the Mainds’ wedding in 1916 Allan Douglass Mainds was born in Helensburgh in 1881 to Catherine Thomson Gilfillan and William Reid, a landscape painter in oil. Allan was one of eight siblings, all of whom seemed […]

As the GSA Archives and Collections Team continues to work towards the recovery of our existing holdings (and their expansion!), we are continuing to reflect and share information on the Mackintosh Building Fire and how we responded as an archive. It is fortunate that large disasters such as fires and flood are quite rare occurrences […]

Recently the GSA Archives launched a new project site (see blog post here) that is dedicated to providing up to date information on the different projects that are currently ongoing. One of these projects, New Wave: Materials, Methods and Media, Glasgow School of Art 1970-1986, has recently released the first of several podcasts, Episode 01 First Things First. […]

Over the years the GSA Archives and Collections Centre has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from: the digitisation of the GSA Magazine (four volumes of work by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his contemporaries); the cataloguing and preservation of our extensive Gillespie, Kidd & Coia archive; to a recent project undertaken by researcher […]

Continuing with her research of the GSA WWI Roll of Honour, Maja Shand provides a fascinating insight into the life of one of the artists listed.  In my previous post I wrote about GSA’s early 20th century Canadian émigrés, many of whom were instrumental in establishing major Canadian art schools, galleries, and architects’ practices of […]

A newly launched transcription tool from Tate and Zooniverse, AnnoTate invites the public to help decipher the writing found in over 17, 000 artists’ letters, diaries and sketchbooks. Working in an art archive, I have the delight of handling and working with a vast array of artworks ranging from paintings, to ceramics, to textiles and […]

As I am sure all art lovers will know, the Turner Prize has finally arrived at Glasgow! An art award, the Turner Prize was set up in 1984 to celebrate developments in contemporary art and each year it is awarded to a ‘Britsh artist under fifty for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their […]

Our Mackintosh Curator Peter Trowles, looks at the work of GSA alumna Dorothy Doddrell on the GSA Roll of Honour and other war memorials. Although the awarding of a recent grant from the War Memorials Trust guaranteed the restoration of GSA’s First World War Roll of Honour in time for the centenary of the Great […]

Our Skills for the Future Trainee, Maja Shand continues with her research into the First World War and traces some of our GSA Alumni to Canada. Two years after Canada was founded in 1867, the country’s newly formed government introduced an immigration policy that was designed to encourage Northern Europeans – particularly those with agricultural […]

For those regular readers of the blog, you will know that today is the beginning of a two day conference on Material Culture and its study here at the Glasgow School of Art. As part of this conference the exhibition curated by Debi Banerjee and Susannah Waters, Art School in Action is now open! Alongside the […]

The study of material culture can be defined as the study through artefacts of the values, beliefs and ideas of a particular society or community at any point in time, or as ‘the study of human social and environmental relationships through the evidence of people’s construction of their material world’. This study encompasses all walks […]

This Monday 7th the exhibition, Art School in Action (1970-1986), curated by our own Debi Banerjee and Susannah Waters with partial funding from the Design History Society, is opening in The Vic, in the Project Space on the ground floor. Looking at the approaches to teaching at Glasgow School of Art in the 1970s and 1980s, the […]

Our introductions to individuals in our Archives and Collections continues today as we look at the life and work of Scottish artist Joan Eardley. Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley (1921-1963) is described by Cordelia Oliver as ‘a big, sturdily attractive, dark girl with bright black eyes, [with] a friendly smile’ who made her appearance at the […]

Posters as a form of graphic design are unique as one of the few genres of art that is created explicitly to be stuck on a wall. Inherently linked to the everyday, you will have seen and absorbed more posters in your life than any other form of visual art. While the concept of a […]

For all you avid readers of the GSA Archives blog and users of the Archives and Collections, you will know that the items and records we collect relate to students, staff and individuals who have been associated in some way with the School. A considerable number of our collections, archives and individual items come from […]

The Archives and Collections are pleased to introduce one of our most recent acquisitions, an artwork by renowned artist Steven Campbell. Fake Ophelia, a large collage on canvas was created in 1991. It was to form part of an exhibition called Pinocchio’s Present at The Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh just a few years later […]

Our Volunteer Emma Carey talks a little about her project transcribing our archivist Susannah Water’s interview with artist Conrad McKenna. I have embarked on a volunteer project relating to Conrad McKenna, a former student and teacher at The Glasgow School of Art, active from 1939 to 1984. You may have already read about his deposited […]

Karen Harkness, our digitisation volunteer and recent GSA graduate, explains what she has learnt about The Glasgow School of Art and notes some of the work that she’s been doing as part of GSA’s Archives and Collections Recovery Project. A current project to digitise photographs in GSA’s archive collections has uncovered interesting images of past […]

Previous GSA Alumnus and staff member Duncan Shanks currently has an exhibition of his sketchbooks on display at The Hunterian Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow. Celebrating Shank’s generous gift of his entire output of sketchbooks from the past 55 years to the University of Glasgow, this exhibition puts 30 of these books on display […]

If you have not yet heard, this year Britain marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, an important document in our history that has become an international symbol of liberty. Created in 1215 the Magna Carta – or Great Charter – was an agreement made to try and keep the peace between the unpopular […]

Cat Doyle, another of our volunteers, details some of her work on the GSA’s Poster Collection, and explains why she has started to become ever so slightly envious… My role in the post-fire recovery project with The Glasgow School of Art is to enhance the digital descriptions of each of the 282 posters in the […]

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will always be remembered as one of the most successful Games ever. Glasgow as a city came together in a flurry of activities that engaged and inspired the whole country while celebrating some of the best sporting talent in the Commonwealth. In the 84 year history of the Commonwealth Games, […]

Alex Singerman, one of our volunteers provides a unique insight into his work clearing copyright. Launched in December last year, the Glasgow School of Art’s Archives and Collections’ online catalogue is an invaluable resource that gives people the opportunity to explore the collection. Not only can you find out about what’s in the Archive, you can […]

Those of you who are eagerly following the progress of the new V&A Dundee will no doubt have noticed the recent announcement confirming that the V&A will have a restored Charles Rennie Mackintosh interior as one of its central exhibits when it opens in 2018. The Dundee V&A Team have joined forces with our local […]

From 19 June – 22 November the National Museums Scotland is exhibiting Photography: A Victorian Sensation. This exhibitions looks at the pioneers of photography and how the Victorian craze for photographs has effected and transformed the way that we capture images today. Showing off the amazing collections that the National Museums Scotland holds this exhibition includes examples […]

Last week the British Film Institute (BFI) launched a new project, Britain on Film, an archive-based initiative that has resulted in the digitisation of thousands of unseen films from across the UK. These films consist of film and TV titles, footage from British families and the work of amateur film-makers from areas all across the […]

Our Skills for the Future Trainee, Maja, gives us an insight into women on the GSA’s Roll of Honour who were part of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals. Although the majority of the women on GSA’s First World War Roll of Honour worked as auxiliary nurses and orderlies for the British Red Cross, Greenock-born, GSA graduate […]

Today we celebrate a recent acquisition in the archive of a fire screen attributed to the notable Glasgow Girl, Ann Macbeth. This object was generously donated by Angus Mitchell and is a wonderful example of Macbeth’s work.   Often noted as Jessie Newbery’s most talented student, Ann Macbeth has played a key role in the […]

I know you have all been eagerly awaiting the next Tutorial Tuesday, and today’s will be very useful for all those researchers out there. This week the GSA Archives and Collections proudly presents ‘How To Use Our Research Guides’:

Trails and Tales is an exciting 3 year project supported by the East Dumbartonshire Council, Creative Scotland and the Heritage Lottery Fund, that looks to engage artists with different communities to explore local history and heritage. Working across 11 towns and villages this project aims to undertake a series of events that will generate research, […]

Recently the Scottish Council on Archives (@ScotsArchives) released Issue 33 of their Broadsheet magazine that provides news, interviews and feature articles about the Archive sector in Scotland and beyond. In this issue there is an article by our very own Michelle Kaye and Susannah Waters, Road to Recovery: The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections. […]

Our Skills for the Future Trainee, Maja Shand, describes her first two months, the research she has been doing and what we can look forward to in the coming months! For the past two months research has been underway into the staff and alumni listed on GSA’s ‘Roll of Honour’, a war memorial commissioned by […]

In the last couple of months many of you may have discerned a notable subject pattern to our recent blog posts. From the recent Looking at MOB Fashion, Go on, Have a Pringle to Inventors of Tradition – Part 2 we have recently been looking at fashion and the role of the textile industry in Scottish history; and today is […]

The Scottish Council on Archives is currently accepting applications for 6 traineeships (51 weeks/£14, 500) for the Skills for the Future project, Opening Up Scotland’s Archives. These opportunities are based at different heritage institutions across the UK, these are as follows: Falkirk Community Trust – Digitisation Trainee Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow City Archives – […]

What is MOB? Well you may be surprised as MOB is a person, fashion illustrator and commercial artist Margaret Oliver Brown. In the GSA Archives we hold the fashion illustrations and associated press cuttings by Brown, including her MOB-servations column where she would provide comments on the current fashion trends, the rise of the ‘woman bachelor’ […]

This week the GSA Archives are looking at some recently discovered materials that cross the boundaries between science and art in celebration of this, the last week of the Glasgow Science Festival! Recently we have been fortunate enough to receive a number of materials from a previous staff member of the school, one Mr Ted […]

Fully Fashioned is the current exhibition of Scottish textile and clothing company Pringle, at the National Museum of Scotland. Celebrating Pringle’s 200th anniversary this exhibition takes a look at the company, the clothing it has produced over the years, and the influence it has had on the fashion world. As recently discussed in our Inventors […]

This week sees the arrival of the UK’s Volunteers’ week running from 1-7 June. An annual event this week gives organisation’s across the UK the opportunity to celebrate the contribution made by millions of volunteers. Run by NCVO in partnership with Volunteer Development Scotland, Volunteer Now and Wales Council for Voluntary Action, the Volunteers’ Week Pinterest […]

While it is true that the majority of our archive materials are off-site, the team here in the GSA Archives are always looking for items that further enhance our collections. As an art archive we look to collect items that relate to either the history or development of teaching at the School, or those pieces that […]

How are needlework and war related? Well, that depends on your context. Today we are looking at our new Pinterest display, showing the records that the GSA Archives and Library hold relating to the women’s fundraising efforts in World War I. During last year, the centenary of the First World War, we created a display […]

That is right, another Tutorial Tuesday has arrived! This week we are looking at ways of accessing the GSA Archives and Collections, for those artists or researchers who do not have a specific point of enquiry in mind. Today we present, ‘Browsing by Date’.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the fire in the Mackintosh Building on the 23rd May 2014. While this was a tragic event in the school’s history, there are still things that should be noted and celebrated at this time, mainly: 1) nobody was hurt; 2) the majority of the school’s Archives and Collections survived; and 3) […]

It is time for another archive recovery report! At the moment our collections and archives remain in deep storage as we attempt to organise a suitable office where our services can re-open and the recovery of the collection can take place. Despite this, our lovely conservator has ventured in to see our collections in storage […]

Recently on the blog we discussed the work of the MoRE Museum, a digital repository and exhibition space for artistic work from the 20th and 21st century. Today we are looking at ‘Digitizing Ideas’, a digital archive of conceptual and neo-avantgarde art practices. While MoRE Museum recognised the value of storing and displaying the process […]

  The Inventors of Tradition II is currently on show at the Palace of Art, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. Created by Atelier E.B and Panel, the exhibition is presented as a series of abstract domestic spaces that supply a contextual framework for understanding the process and creation of the new fashion collection available to buy off […]

When conducting research in an archive it is often necessary to have a specific field of enquiry prepared. This might be a particular person, a specific period in history, or a combination of information that will allow the archivist to hone in on materials that might potentially be useful to the user. This is because […]

The Month of May is bringing some exciting events to the UK as this week heralds the Museums at Night Festival! A biannual UK-wide event, the first part of this festival begins this week on Wednesday 13 – Saturday 16 May and then returns on Friday 30 – Saturday 31 October, and aims to attract […]

“MoRE is a digital museum that collects, preserves and exhibits online refused and unrealised art projects of the 20th and 21st century” Archives are unique from both library and museums in that they collect and bring together items that provide evidence of an individual’s or organisation’s actions. As these items are selected for permanent – […]

Master and Slave clocks were an innovation in their time that allowed a series of clocks to be accurate and in sync. This system consisted of a single precision master clock that would provide timing signals to synchronise a series of slave clocks as part of a network. These series of electric clocks were connected […]

Our volunteer Emma Cameron highlights some of the findings of her research and introduces the new library display of illuminated manuscripts that she put together as part of her placement here at the archive. The GSA Archives recently catalogued a group of 15th century illuminated manuscript pages and fragments in our collection. At first unsure […]

Last year in August, Glasgow’s favourite rugby team, the Glasgow Warriors unveiled its new team uniform. For those of you who have not yet realised or did not know, this new uniform takes inspiration from the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh! Looking to represent Glasgow and the unique Glasgow style, the Glasgow Warriors made contact […]

Since the release of our new online catalogue we have been working in the archive to think of ways of highlighting some of its features to new users, and at last! We have arrived at a solution. To celebrate the catalogue’s release we will be producing a series of short videos that explain different functions […]

Emma Cameron, one of our volunteers from the Technical Art History at the University of Glasgow, reflects on some of the work she has been doing with GSA Archives and Collections. The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections Centre holds a large collection of teaching aids which were used as resources for students from […]

Archives look to preserve records and objects in perpetuity so that the information they hold can be accessed and used by people for research, interest and pleasure! We are of course, no exception. To help highlight some of the items and subjects that are tucked away in our archives we curate exhibitions that look at […]

Polly Christie, our new project officer for the Archives & Collections Recovery reflects on what we have been busy with since the fire, and what we intend to do here at the GSA Archives and Collections to restore the archives to their former glory! As you know, we have been busy since the fire last […]

Last weekend the Scottish artist and teacher Jack Knox sadly passed away, aged 79. Jack was born in 1936 and studied here at the Glasgow School of Art under William Armour and David Donaldson, and later on with the artist Andre L’hote in Paris. In 1905 he joined the staff of Duncan of Jordanstone College […]

The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections looks to collect items and materials not only from artists from the School – see our online catalogue for the many, many items we hold – but also current societies and groups that are involved in student and staff life. This includes the Student Representative Council! The SRC […]

  Maja joined the GSA Archives and Collections team last week as our new Skills for the Future trainee (see more information on our staff here). To celebrate and reflect on her first week here at the GSA we conducted an interview with Maja to gather her thoughts so far on the GSA Archives and […]

Recently archives have started to be used and researched by artists to create new pieces of work that take inspiration from the past. A recent example might be the creation of ‘A Grain of Rice’ for the bank HSBC. These two sculptures appear as a single, giant grain of rice – making reference to HSBC […]

Recently we released our new online catalogue containing information and images on both our archival materials and object collections. Providing access to our collections and archives online has allowed both students and staff of the GSA (and external visitors) to browse and search our collections in new ways. Unlike the traditional method of visiting an archive […]

As those bunny, egg, and chocolate lovers amongst us will know, Easter Sunday is fast on the approach. With theological origins, Easter has its roots in the combination and integration of different religious practices that looked to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the passing of the Spring equinox and the coming of brighter days and […]

As avid readers of the GSA Archives and Collections blog will know, the Feminist Chorus was a spoken word performance created by artist Lucy Reynolds in collaboration with MAP. Drawing on the collections in the Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL), the City’s Archives and the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections, a Feminist Chorus was performed […]

In 2013 the V&A employed Sophia George as Game Designer in residence – the first residency of its kind in the V&A – to come up with a game based on their vast collections. Drawing inspiration from the textile collections, Sophia created a game based on the William Morris Pattern ‘Strawberry Thief’. This game was […]

I am currently working in The Glasgow School of Art’s Archives and Collections as part of a work placement through my MLitt programme, Technical Art History, at the University of Glasgow. My main project is to research and catalogue the School’s collection of teaching aids from the early years of The Glasgow School of Art. Teaching aids […]

With work just about to start on the restoration of the Mackintosh Building following last year’s devastating fire the task of identifying what is known about the building and how it has developed and been subtlety modified over time has never been so important. Those most closely involved with the School (chiefly its staff and students) have had the […]

The Royal Geographical Society has published a new walking tour of Glasgow as part of their Discovering Britain project. Glasgow is one of Britain’s most remarkable places, so wealthy in Victorian times that it became known as ‘the Second City of the Empire’. Its strength stemmed from heavy industry and development of the River Clyde […]

As part of the Pollokshields Heritage Lecture Series, Stafford Waters MBE will give a lecture entitled Travels in the Glasgow Style on Tuesday 17th February. Stafford Waters is an architectural and design historian who has been part of a team researching the many aspects of the Art Nouveau genre including the work of the famous […]

The Archives and Collections and GSA Enterprises are pleased to announced that The Glasgow School of Art has put some of its Mackintosh furniture back on display in a new gallery in the School’s Reid Building. The pieces, which were previously on show in the Mackintosh Room and furniture gallery in the east wing of […]

  As time passes can sketches or letters in archives make unrealised projects as tangible as those that really happened?  Inspired by the display Sculptors’ Papers from the Henry Moore Institute Archive the conversation will be chaired by Nayia Yiakoumaki, Curator Archive Gallery, with archivist Sue Breakell and artists Paul Becker and Neal White. £6.50 Book here Thursday 29 January, 7pm, in the Zilkha […]

GSA’s Roll of Honour has recently been conserved and today the BBC have included a feature about it on Reporting Scotland. The illuminated Roll of Honour was commissioned by the School to commemorate staff and students from Glasgow School of Art who served in World War One. It was designed by a former student, Dorothy Doddrell […]

Last night’s episode of Great British Railway Journeys saw host Michael Portillo stop off at The Glasgow School of Art during his journey from Greenock to Larkhall. Michael visited The Glasgow School of Art this summer, following the fire which occurred in the School’s Mackintosh Building in May. He was guided round the building by […]

  Europeana Fashion has been completely renewed. Full of beautiful and inspiration images, the redesigned look and the added features make exploring Europe’s fashion heritage an even richer experience. Recently added are a number of new features, including a curated theme section. Go to the blog to discover the new Europeana Fashion. Furthermore, for the past two years, the […]

It’s our last day before Christmas so as our gift to you all, we thought we’d share a few lovely festive images from our collections…     Click here to browse more. The Archives and Collections wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015! We close this afternoon and will be back on […]

Yesterday Tate announced the launch of the first batch of items to be made available as part of the Archives and Access project. This first batch of material includes intimate love letters from Paul Nash to his wife, touching family photographs of Jacob Epstein, unpublished images revealing Eduardo Paolozzi’s playful nature, 45 volumes of Barbara […]

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled her Christmas card for 2014, her first Christmas card as First Minister. The card features an image from our archives and collections by the late Phyllis Dodd (1899-1995), an artist who specialised in portraiture who was wife of former Glasgow School of Art director Douglas Percy Bliss (1900-1984). […]

A visit to the School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh to listen to field recordings of traditional Gaelic song inspired Return to the Voice, a new production by internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Song of the Goat Theatre, based in Poland. Laments for death and love, working songs, story-telling songs, psalms, wedding songs, […]

What do you get if you cross a bunch of lively 10-18 year olds from Partick and Anderston with a huge pile of resources from Glasgow School of Art’s textiles collection? Sew Last Century’s fabulous digitally printed textile collection! As you may already know, GSA’s Archives and Collections has been collaborating for the past year and […]

Creating an account on our new online catalogue will allow you to save items and collections as favourites in your own dedicated area. Once you’ve set up an account, clicking on the red stars alongside descriptions will add this material to your favourites. This material will be saved in your account until your next visit. […]

Over the years we’ve found that our users, a significant proportion of whom are creative practitioners, like to browse our collections, rather than search for something specific. Many researchers come to archives with a research topic in mind, whether that be subject-based, event-based or around individuals or organisations. However they do not necessarily have a […]

One of the new features in our online catalogue is an area dedicated to the School’s history. You can browse our images by date and find out more about what the School was like during each of the six periods covered. These include 1845-1890 (the early years of the School), 1890-1918 (a time when the Glasgow […]

One of the most exciting features of our new catalogue is that it’s full to the brim with beautiful images of material from our collections. As an art school, we have been keen to make the catalogue as visual as possible, and as such have added images of material from our collections alongside the relevant catalogue entries to […]

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new website and online catalogue for our holdings. This is an exciting step for the Archives and Collections. By making our collections more accessible online, we hope to promote our magnificent holdings and facilitate the use of our archives and museum objects by both GSA staff […]

Six months on from the Mackintosh Building fire, The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections team are now able to provide more detailed information about how this event has affected the School’s extensive archives and collections. Our holdings, which comprise a wide range of material from the GSA’s institutional archive, artworks and architectural drawings, […]


Glasgow School of Art’s curator Peter Trowles, or Питер Троулес, as he is known in Russian, has recently returned from a trip to Moscow where he gave a lecture on the architecture of Mackintosh’s masterpiece The Glasgow School of Art, as part of an international Mackintosh exhibition at The Kremlin Museum. Crucially, this was first time […]

Recently the BBC have launched an exciting online project that catalogues the listings information printed in the BBC Radio Times from 1923 to 2009. Created by the BBC Archive Development in conjunction with BBC Research and Development, each page of the Radio Times since 1923 have been scanned and processed through optical character recognition systematically  to extract […]

Since the recent fire in the Mackintosh Building and the sad destruction of the Library there has been much discussion on how this space is going to be recreated. There has recently been a debate at Glasgow Queen’s Cross Church around whether this space should be ‘reinvented or restored’ and the symposium in Venice this Saturday will […]

As you may have noticed from our recent posts, we have been looking at how archives can inform future decisions and inspire new creations. To join the recent opening of the Anchor Line Restaurant that took inspiration from the University of Glasgow’s Anchor Line Ltd company archive, the BBC project Artist and Archive: Artists Moving Image […]

Used extensively in World War I, Dazzle camouflage was a unique creation that saw the marrying of art with military strategy. At the outbreak of World War I the British Navy was having trouble hiding its ships from German U-boats because there was no sure way to conceal ships on the open seas. Due to […]

Archivists are often seen as the guardians of historical collections. Over time we collect, protect and disseminate materials ranging from an organisation’s paper records, to ceramic tea sets; almost anything can fall under the gaze of an archivist. In the case of the work we do here at the Glasgow School of Art Archives and […]

Doris Grant (nee Cruikshank) was a student at The Glasgow School of Art in the 1920s. She won a scholarship to study in Rome before being forced to leave the school upon her engagement. She also had a very unique claim to fame. After art school, Doris Grant went on to become a nutritionist and during World War II […]

The Mackintosh Building has always hosted a number of plaster casts comprising human figures, architectural fragments, plaster reliefs, plaster friezes, marble reliefs, tondos and busts. These figures have occupied the halls of the Mack from the late 19th century onwards. Used as teaching aids the casts are generally based on classical statuary and were sourced […]

Today the Scottish Council on Archives is launching an exciting new training scheme Opening up Scotland’s Archives in Edinburgh, Dundee, East Lothian and our very own Glasgow. The institutions involved are: Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow City Archives/Glasgow Life Glasgow City Archives/Glasgow Life University of Dundee’s Archive Services University of Glasgow Archives Edinburgh University’s Centre […]

Although the fire has meant that the Archives and Collections office is currently closed to visitors, we are still happily pursuing a broad collection that shows the work of students and the school across its life span. This year, to this end, the school approved new funding to enable the purchase of work from graduating […]

We have covered paper and are now onto our wonderful textile collection. The textile collection spans from the 16th century till present day and contains a diverse selection of works including woven samples from Donald Brothers Ltd., work by Robert Stewart, Kath Whyte, Fraser Taylor and many more. These collections suffered no direct damage from the fire, […]

When: Wed 30 July 2014, 12.30-1pm Where: Reid Gallery, Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3 6RF Free Admission, no booking necessary Next week Glasgow School of Art’s Exhibitions Director, Jenny Brownrigg and Archivist, Susannah Waters will be giving a lunchtime talk about Graham Fagen’s GENERATION project at The Glasgow […]

As promised we have an update on what has been happening with our collections, starting with our paper based archives. Here at the GSA we have a variety of paper archives and art work on paper. These include over 2000 boxes of records created by the school and its students and staff, such as the […]

  It has been a while since we have blogged after the sad incident on the 23rd May, we have been busy here at the Archives and Collections Centre in the process of removing, assessing and consolidating our collections to see exactly what the impact has been. We now have a firmer picture of exactly […]

You all will have seen in the news the sad events of Friday 23rd May where a fire broke out in the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building. Sadly the iconic Mackintosh Library was lost during this fire. The archives and collections have also suffered some damage, however the bulk of our holdings are fine […]

To celebrate the centenary of Norman McLaren a number of exhibitions, workshops and events are being held as part of the McLaren 2014 festival. One such event was a performance of the short films Seven Till Five, which documents a day’s activities in the art school, Camera Makes Whoopee – an amusing account the preparation and event of a student […]

We were recently contacted by a relative of Glasgow School of Art alumnus Fred Pollock, who was a student at the School in the 1950s. Ronan Pollock (Fred’s son) very kindly sent us a link to a short documentary film he has made about his father called Portrait of an Abstract Artist. The documentary gives an insight into the […]

Coming soon to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow an evening with Hugh Buchanan ‘Words and Deeds’. Hugh Buchanan is an artist that has worked on commissions for the House of Commons, National Trust and Prince of Wales and is coming to Glasgow as part of the Festival of Museums to discuss his interest […]

Now that the Reid Building has opened, architects, and the public alike, will finally get a chance to look inside the building and see whether or not this space works as an art school. At the recent screening of ‘Facing Up to Mackintosh’ a discussion between Stuart MacDonald and David Reid highlighted the need to examine the […]

This Wednesday the Reid Building officially joined the GSA campus with much celebration and fanfare. Built over the course of two years the construction has been watched with much anticipation. Now that it is complete it presents the Mackintosh Building in sharp relief and sits proudly on top of Garnethill, providing excellent views of its […]

One film, two sound works & one performance across three Glasgow venues from 4 to 21 April 2014 Adding a communal voice to Glasgow’s feminist history, ‘A Feminist Chorus’ is created by Lucy Reynolds in collaboration with MAP. Reynolds is interested in the collective power of the Women’s Movement, (with Greenham Common as the subject of her film installation […]

The Italian luxury brand Gucci, now over 90 years old, has just launched a new website,, bringing the experience of visiting Florence’s real Gucci Museum to an online audience. There is also an app version. The brainchild of Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, the real Museo in Florence is home to permanent and temporary […]

An anatomy drawing by Gerard Murphy currently on display in GSA Library caught the eye of one of GSA’s Continuing Education tutors. Inspired by what was on display she and a few others made an appointment to view his other anatomy drawings and his life drawings. Gerard Murphy was a student at Glasgow School of […]

At the beginning of this week the Crouching Venus from GSA’s plaster cast collection was transported over to The Hunterian Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow for their ‘Picturing Venus’ exhibition (9 March – 29 June 2014). Whilst a seemingly simple task, enormous care had to be taken whilst transporting the piece between the […]

Presenting seven of Scotland’s creative artists as you’ve never seen them before… Traditional musicians and composers Amble Skuse, Ailie Robertson and Mike Vass have teamed up with writers Angus Peter Campbell, Sophie Cooke, Rebecca Sharp and Charlotte Murray to create new works of music and words inspired by the archive of Scottish cultural treasures, The […]

The BBC has chosen the six Scottish moving image artists who will be given access to explore the BBC archives in order to create their own artworks inspired by classic and lesser-known BBC programmes from throughout its history. The selected artists are Kate Davis, Kathryn Elkin, Turner Prize-nominated Luke Fowler, Torsten Lauschmann, Alia Sayed and Stephen […]

On the 14th March, the CCA will welcome South London based artist, curator and educator Barby Asante to share her investigation into the black music history of South London. Commissioned by Peckham Space, the ‘open archive’ is comprised of conversations and memorabilia, celebrating seminal moments alongside personal stories. This is the first in a series of events […]

In recent months the west facade of the Mackintosh Building at Glasgow School of Art (GSA) has been covered with scaffolding signalling on-going repairs to the iconic library windows. Costing in the region of £300,000, the work was grant aided by Historic Scotland with further support from the J Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust. The […]

Who: Stoddard Templeton Job: Carpet Manufacturers Where: West of Scotland When: 1839 – 2005 Archive: Stoddard Design Library and Archives & Collections Centre, The Glasgow School of Art Stoddard Templeton denotes a group of carpet manufacturing companies based in the West of Scotland, the foundations of which can be traced to the 1800s with the formation of James Templeton & […]

For my placement for my MSc in Museum Studies at The University of Glasgow I am working to improve the catalogue entries for the cast collection at The Glasgow School of Art.  This information will form a record of what the School possesses, and will also be added to a new online catalogue, due to […]

Two works from our collection, The Two Roberts by Ian Fleming and Interested and Disinterested by John Laurie, will be on display as part of a new exhibition on Robert Colquhoun at The Dick Institute in Kilmarnock. Comprising works from the East Ayrshire collection and loans from collectors and institutions across the UK, including GSA’s Archives […]

You may have noticed a couple of new displays in GSA Library over the last few weeks. While one of these displays, the one on Level 1, is devoted to Anatomy, GSA Archives and Collections and Library staff have dedicated the other on Level 2 to Talwin Morris, Bookbinder. Talwin Morris (1865-1911) is an important figure in […]

You may have noticed a couple of new displays in GSA Library over the last few weeks. While one of these displays, the one on Level 2, is devoted to Talwin Morris and bookbinding, GSA Archives and Collections and Library staff have dedicated the other to anatomy. Anatomy drawing has historically formed an important part of art […]

We are pleased to announce that Clare Henry, former art critic for the Herald, has donated her archive to the Glasgow School of Art. The Glasgow Herald’s art critic for 20 years is now based in New York where she writes for the FT and a range of US and UK magazines. Clare Henry has […]

The current issue of Broadsheet, the Scottish Council on Archives journal, features an article on the Glasgow Miracle project. To read the article, click here: Broadsheet, Issue 28 (the article is on pages 15-16). For more from the Scottish Council on Archives, visit their website. And to find out about the Glasgow Miracle project visit the project […]

Who: Donald Brothers Collection Job: Conservator Where: Galashiels When: 2011 Archive: Heriot-Watt University Heritage and Information Governance Heritage and Information Governance at Heriot-Watt University has just completed the first stage of a large project to conserve, rehouse and photograph the large fabric samples from Dundee firm Donald Brothers. Donald Brothers was one of the leading Scottish firms designing and manufacturing furnishing fabrics in […]

We’ve just added some more user case studies to our website so you can find out about how various types of researchers have been using the Archives and Collections Centre. In these new case studies Helena Britt discusses her research for the recent Interwoven Connections: The Stoddard Templeton Design Studio and Design Library, 1843-2005 project which resulted […]

Gillespie, Kidd & Coia’s A-listed St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross, thought by some to be a landmark example of Modernist architecture, has been awarded £565,000 of Heritage Lottery funding. The Heritage Lottery Fund award will allow NVA to develop plans to restore St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross. However NVA will still need to raise a […]

In celebration of this past month’s Movember campaign, we thought we’d showcase some of the best moustaches from the Archives and Collections here at Glasgow School of Art. Take a look at some of these beauties:   And how could we not include the best moustache of them all, the one belonging to our very […]

Last week was the second annual Artistic Dress Tableaux Vivants at the Glasgow School of Art. Performed by (fantastic) students in my ‘Artistic Dress: Fashion, Style and Identity’ elective course, this year was just as clever and fun as last. I talked about last year’s event briefly in this post, which includes a bit of background on how tableaux vivants, or […]

Gillespie, Kidd & Coia’s St Bride’s Church in East Kilbride has scooped the third prize in the UK’s Top 10 Best Modern Churches. The Church of St Bride was the the first Roman Catholic Church to be built in the new town of East Kilbride, near Glasgow. The church which accommodates 700 to 800 people […]

A selection of artwork by the artist Joan Eardley is currently on display at The Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie. Joan Eardley – Sketches by a Master will see works from the gallery’s permanent collection go on display, some for the first time. (See our previous posts about Joan Eardley’s connection with GSA). Alongside the […]

Europe In Stitches Room 400, Crawford Building Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, Monday 18 November 2013, 2-4pm See an amazing selection of European textiles from the Needlework Development Scheme Collection in a special drop-in event as part of European Academic Heritage Day.  Founded in 1934 and run by the four Scottish Art […]

My name is Nicole Cooper, and I’ve just completed a week’s work experience at the Archives and Collections Centre. I wasn’t 100% sure on what to expect when doing work experience here, but I was just happy enough to get into the building. I’ve always liked art so being able to come here was a […]

In order to creatively explore notions of fashion, style, and artistic identity, students in the ‘Artistic Dress’ elective course in Year 3 of the Forum for Critical Enquiry have arranged tableaux vivants throughout the Mackintosh Building. These ‘living pictures’ show the students’ own research into dress history, displaying styles that either inspired or expressed trends […]

The Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts’ 152nd Annual Exhibition opens this weekend, back in its traditional home at the magnificent McLellan Galleries. The RGI is investing £100,000 to undertake these works as part of the campaign for the regeneration of this prestigious building;  to promote its return to active service for Glasgow’s citizens and visitors, with a […]

The staff of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Archive & Library are holding an event at Modern Two on Tuesday 19th November, 6-8pm. The event is aimed at academic staff and postgraduate students who have a specific research interest in modern and contemporary art and culture, and will provide an introduction to the […]

Interwoven Connections: The Stoddard Templeton Design Studio and Design Library, 1843-2005, a new exhibition curated by Dr Helena Britt from the School of Design at The Glasgow School of Art, previews this evening. The Stoddard Templeton companies were Scotland’s most prominent carpet manufacturing innovators. They designed and supplied many iconic carpets, including those for Glasgow […]

Glasgow School of Art wants YOU to explore our archives!  We’re taking part in this year’s National Archives Explore Your Archive archives awareness campaign, which launches on 16th November. Did you know that Glasgow School of Art’s archives are about more than just Mackintosh? There’s so much more to explore. We invite you to delve into […]

To celebrate Halloween tomorrow, feast your eyes on some spooky images from Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections photograph collections… Dorothy Carleton Smyth’s 1933 costume designs for the three witches in Macbeth are particularly chilling! And if you’ve still not come up with a costume for tomorrow night, here are some (less creepy) ideas […]

Please be aware that due to industrial action the Archives and Collections Centre will be closed this Thursday 31st November. Don’t forget that Friday 1st November is a mid-term holiday so the Archives and Collections Centre will also be closed that day. We’ll be open again on Monday 4th November, from 09.30-12.30 and from 13.45-16.45 […]

As part of the 2013 Creative Mackintosh Festival, a special event titled “The Legacy of the Glasgow Girls” which takes place this Wednesday will focus on Margaret Macdonald & the Glasgow Girls, with guest speakers Alison Brown, curator of Decorative Arts at Glasgow Museums, and Robyne Calvert, Lecturer in Architectural and Design History, The Glasgow School […]

CAST: innovations in concrete , an exhibition which opens later this week at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, will explore the versatility and development of concrete. It shows how concrete has allowed designers to create complex, previously impossible, forms such as the flexible concrete diving platform at the London Olympic Aquatic Centre designed by Zaha Hadid. Concrete is […]

Fall Scenes, an exhibition that borrows and adapts its title from William Raban’s included film Autumn Scenes (1978), takes as its starting point the process of making indistinct the perimeters of inside and out. Taking place mostly in a former furniture showroom (a specialist in recliners) incidental objects, seasonality and the distractions and influences of daily life […]

  The Artist in the Library blog documents a project that reflected on the relationships between artists and libraries; how their spaces, systems and structures provide inspirational possibilities for artists, and how artists’ involvement, working processes and interventions can be fruitful and inspiring for libraries. A key component of the project was the collaboration between the Institute […]

On Wednesday September 18th I had the pleasure of attending a conference called Past Is Prologue, hosted at Goldsmiths by an organisation called LIFT. The day was advertised on their website as follows: A day of dialogues and presentations exploring the ways in which artists draw creative potential from archive material such as photographs, film, artifacts and oral histories. As a […]

The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland (Strathclyde Group) and the Victorian Society are holding a photographic exhibition entitled Saving a Century, curated by noted architectural historian Gavin Stamp. The exhibition will be on show at the Mitchell Library, Granville Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN from 1 – 30 October, Monday to Saturday. Free admission. The exhibition includes: VICTORIAN […]

A new online archive of inspiration images from fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has recently been launched. A prize-winning design for a cocktail dress caught the eye of the Dior fashion house in 1954 and the teenage Yves Saint Laurent’s career in Paris was assured. In association with Pierre Bergé, whom he had met in 1958, […]

Robert Stewart Cowal Open Studios Guest Artist 2013 Dunoon Burgh Hall, 13 – 30 September, Preview 12 September 6-7.30pm Cowal Open Studios and Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust present this exhibition of works by Robert Stewart, one of the design pioneers of the 20th Century.  Robert Stewart lived in Cowal from 1961 where he and Sheila raised their […]

We were saddened to hear of the death of the photographer Robert Trotter, who died yesterday aged 83. Trotter (1930-2013) was an actor, director and photographer who was active in the Scottish arts scene since the 1960s. After completing National Service in the 1950s he trained as a teacher, taught English at Bellahouston Academy in Glasgow […]

An exhibition entitled Learning to Draw/Drawing to Learn is currently on in Gallery Two at The Fleming Collection in London. Focusing on the practice of drawing, past and present staff and students of Glasgow School of Art reflect on traditional and current drawing practice and its place in art and art education. The works, selected […]

Meet the Archivists: Unlocking the research potential of business archives for artists, architects and designers The Business Archives Council of Scotland is holding its 2nd Meet the Archivists workshop on Friday 20th September at the Edinburgh College of Art. This year the focus is on creative and design use of business archives. So this event […]

The collection of James Guthrie Orchar (1825-1898), Dundee industrialist and inventor, consists of over 400 works (paintings and drawings) held by The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum since 1987. It is an extremely rare collection in that it remains as a collection, evidence of one man’s personal taste. The collection has recently been digitized […]

Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections has recently acquired a sketchbook by Robert Brydall, a student and tutor at the School in the mid-late 19th century. The sketchbook is dated 1873, and contains landscape sketches completed during travels around Scotland. This new acquisition is a very welcome addition to our holdings, which until now featured […]

Today is the 50th anniversary of Joan Eardley’s death in 1963 and to commemorate Eardley we would like to share some gems from The Papers of Edwin Morgan (1920-2010) that we have identified during the cataloguing of MS Morgan. Joan Eardley’s painting Sweet Shop, Rotten Row c1961 [GLAHA 51762] was presented to the Hunterian Art Gallery by Edwin Morgan in […]

The Attic Archive was a small independent archive with its origins in the 1970s. Since then it has collected original artworks, mail art, correspondence, video and audio cassettes, photographs, books, magazines, catalogues, postcards, posters, packaging and ephemera. Since 1978 there have been three central projects, each with its own archive: DATA (Daily Action TIme Archive) […]

Hand, Heart and Soul: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland, an exhibition at City Art Centre, Edinburgh (June to September 2007), which travelled to  Millennium Galleries, Sheffield (October to January 2008) and finally to Aberdeen Art Gallery (June to August 2008), looked at Arts and Crafts practice across Scotland between 1880 and 1939. More than 300 […]

We want to know what you think of the Archives and Collections Centre – our holdings, our resources, our facilities and our services. Fill in our teeny weeny easy peasy survey and let us know what you think! We’d also like to know your views on our blog. What do you want to see more of? […]

Partage Plus, starting in March 2012 and lasting for 2 years, will digitise Art Nouveau objects, artworks, posters, and buildings to create c75,000 items, including 2,000 3D models, of content for access through Europeana, a single access point to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe The Art Nouveau style […]

In a world where it’s increasingly the norm to communicate using social media, it seems a fitting-time for BT to celebrate 165 years of telecommunications through the creation of a £1m virtual library. The BT Digital Archives has digitised 500,000 items including some truly weird images which collectively, reflect the heritage of electronic communication in Britain and more […]

RCAHMS, The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, has recently made thousands of images available in a new online digital image library. Through active surveying and recording programmes, RCAHMS adds new online images to the Canmore database every day. These include interior and exterior views of buildings and archaeological sites, aerial […]

It’s now possible to search the records of our artwork on the new UMIS (University Museums in Scotland) Revealing the Hidden Collections website. Scottish universities hold a high proportion of Scotland’s nationally important collections – more than 1.8 million items. Over 60% of Scottish University Museum collections are uncatalogued, with information on just 7.5% available on […]

Visit the Glasgow Miracle blog for Caroline Gausden’s new post.

Chris Platt, Head and Professor at the Mackintosh School of Architecture is the editor of a new book entitled Uneasy Balance, a memento to the design and construction of Glasgow School of Art’s new, recently named, Seona Reid Building, by Steven Holl Architects. Published at the time of topping out, this slim, pocket-sized volume is a […]

The Rijksmuseum, which holds masterpieces by, amongst others, Rembrandt, van Gogh and Vermeer, has taken the unusual step of not just allowing – but encouraging – people to download high-resolution images of items from its collections at no cost. They have even provided an interactive section of their website, Rijkstudio, where users are invited to […]

GSA Library’s Special Collections blog has just relaunched in a beautiful new WordPress format. Special Collections is home to, amongst other fabulous collections, The Stoddard Design Library (the in-house reference library of one of the world’s most successful carpet manufacturers) and a collection of Glasgow Style bookbindings including those by Talwin Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and […]

Thomas Annan – The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow, Sp Coll Dougan 64 The Glasgow photographer Thomas Annan’s collection of photographs featuring the old closes and streets of Glasgow held in the University of Glasgow Library’s Special Collections is a wonderful resource. Created between 1868 and 1871 as part of a commission from the City of […]

The first inscriptions to the UK Memory of the World Register were announced in July 2010 to highlight documentary heritage which holds cultural significance specific to the UK. The UK Register helps raise awareness of some of the UK’s exceptional, but lesser-known documentary riches by awarding them with the globally-recognised Memory of the World status. […]

There’s a new, very interesting, post on the Glasgow Miracle blog about the importance of location and access in archives. See the post here. Take a look at our website for more information about the Glasgow Miracle project.

Glasgow School of Art’s Centre for Advanced Textiles produces printed fabrics using beautiful prints from the design archives of Lucienne Day, Lana MacKinnon, and GSA’s very own Robert Stewart and Sylvia Chalmers as part of their Classic Textiles range (see our previous blog post about how the Sew Last Century! textiles group have been inspired […]

Glasgow School of Art’s Curator Peter Trowles was recently on Czech TV in a broadcast about Glasgow and Mackintosh. Jump to the 3:50 mark to see Peter get a few words in before the dubbing starts…!

The Business Archives Council of Scotland is holding its 2nd Meet the Archivists day on Friday 20th September at the Edinburgh College of Art. The aim of the Meet the Archivists event is to bring together academics and archivists to discuss and explore with students how business archive collections can be used for their research. […]

Showcasing archive and current images and videos of engineers, projects, inventions, designs and innovations (old and new), the Institute of Mechanical Engineering’s new Pinterest page aims to educate and inspire people about mechanical engineering through visuals. And as it’s so visual, we thought this site would be of particular interest to artists and other creative […]

Nine of us gathered in the magnificent Mackintosh Building (pictured above) for the latest GLTU visit, to @GSALibrary, and the second in collaboration withSALCTG. The Glasgow School of Art is internationally recognised as one of Europe’s foremost university-level institutions for creative education and research in fine art, design and architecture. The school was founded in […]

Glasgow Women’s Library have recently launched another of their sucessful Glasgow Women’s Heritage walks, this time focussing on the fascinating Garnethill area. As 19th century Glasgow prospered, it expanded west. The wealthy middle-classes built detached residences on the drumlin of Garnethill. A century on, Garnethill had grown into a bohemian enclave, home to theatre people, […]

On Friday, it was our pleasure to host the tenth Glasgow Library Tweetup (GLTU) to members of GLTU and Scottish Academic Libraries consortium-group SALCTG. GLTU is a group of information professionals from all over Glasgow who meet up to visit a particular information service every few months and network with other librarians. Founder Anabel Marsh, was a Librarian […]

GSA Library have launched a new creative research mini-site called The Hatchery. Discover how artists, writers and creatives have used the collections of Glasgow School of Art Library to inspire, challenge or expand their practice. From interventions into our spaces, to installations amongst our shelves, our collections can be used to explore and challenge artistic, cultural and […]

A while ago now, but we thought you might like to see a few snaps of the Sew Last Century troopers take part in Glasgow’s West End Festival Parade, which took place a few weeks ago. The girls looked fab in their very own designs inspired by GSA Archives and Collections’ Sylvia Chalmers sketches, designs […]

We’ve recently come across The University of Brighton’s excellent Conserving the Archives blog. Because we have our very own collection of Stoddard-Templeton carpets and textiles, we were especially interested in their most recent post, which is actually a guest entry by Emily Austin. Emily is a Textile Conservation student at the University of Glasgow, who has recently completed […]

We’re excited about hosting the 10th Glasgow Library Tweetup (#GLTU) tomorrow in the Archives & Collections Centre. Glasgow Library Tweetups are an opportunity for information professionals from all over Glasgow to meet up and visit a particular library or information service and then socialise after the event. Founder, Anabel Marsh, was a Librarian at Strathclyde University […]

Last Saturday, a troupe of intrepid ramblers, otherwise known as GSA Library & Learning Resources team, embarked on a self-guided tour of the Kilmahew Estate in Cardross. We had absconded from Garnethill with one simple mission: to find the ruins of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia’s masterpiece, St Peter’s Seminary. And, of course, to discuss it over lunch! It’s […]

Explore your Archive is a campaign to encourage exploration of different organisations’ archives by local communities ‘The aim… is to take audiences on a journey of discovery. We want them to explore their interests and at the same time discover their (local) archive to find out more about the fascinating stories that lie within’. Every fortnight […]

There are still a limited number of spaces available on this fascinating study day examining art organisations’ archives. Giving up the archive? Reflections on the creation, examination and dissemination of arts organisations’ archives. 1 July 2013, White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey SE1 3TQ See here for more information on how to book your place.

The National College of Art and Design Gallery (NCAD Gallery) and The National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) are delighted to present the exhibition ‘more adventurous thinking…’ from the archive of Dorothy Walker, with artist response from Seamus Nolan. Dorothy Walker (1929 – 2002) was a dynamic and influential art critic and author who played […]

The massive library windows of the Mackintosh Building here at Glasgow School of Art are currently undergoing conservation. The 30ft high windows will be removed and taken to specialist conservators, who will replace cracked panes and restore metal frames. Last week preparation for the works began by protecting the woodwork, floors and lights in the […]

A vibrant online exhibition from National Museums Scotland explains the history of ‘Turkey red in Scotland’, an ancient dyeing process that formed a thriving industry in the Vale of Leven, Dumbartonshire during the 19th century. The bright, fast red produced in the sophisticated process became the preserve of the wealthy who desired to have their cotton textiles dyed […]

Our beautiful pair of embroidered panels by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, wife of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, have returned from their exhibition tour of Japan. The exhibition, entitled Klint’s Golden Rider and Vienna: Celebraring the 150th Anniversary of Klimt’s Birth, has been travelling around various galleries and museums in Japan since late 2012. Since the Aichi Prefectural […]

The leading British artist, Bruce McLean has released an extract of a new film work, Archiving The New. The piece was produced especially for an event launching an important new publication, All This Stuff: Archiving The Artist, which took place at the White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey on May 23rd 2013. You can find an extract […]

The latest online exhibition from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) provides a comprehensive platform for exploring the architectural photography of Bedford Lemere & Co. ‘Recording the New’ is a plotted history of the establishment, rise and reputation of the photography firm between 1870 and 1930, revealing images from the photography firm’s vast portfolio and snapshots of […]

We now have a final programme for ‘Giving up the Archive?’ study day on 1 July examining the archives of arts organisations – see details and information on bookings below: Giving up the archive? Reflections on the creation, examination and dissemination of arts organisations’ archives. 1 July 2013, White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey SE1 3TQ Many […]

145 years ago today, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born. A young Mackintosh studied evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art between 1883-1894, winning numerous student prizes and competitions including the prestigious Alexander Thomson Travelling Studentship in 1890 that allowed him to undertake an architectural tour of Italy. While a student, Mackintosh also worked as […]

The Arts and Crafts style, beginning with William Morris and his contemporaries in the mid 19th Century, has endured for over 150 years. In fact just a few days ago the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow was named as the winner of the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2013, highlighting how much […]

Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy, 18 July—13 October 2013 An exhibition exploring the ideas and ethos of internationally renowned architect and urbanist Lord Rogers of Riverside will open in Burlington Gardens next summer. Timed to coincide with Rogers’ 80th birthday, Richard Rogers RA: Inside Out will examine the far reaching effects that Rogers’ active interest in the politics […]

A £500,000 grant has been awarded to help transform a former church in Glasgow into a mountain biking centre ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Historic Scotland has given the cash to Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, which is leading the revamp of St Martin’s Church in Castlemilk. The church, built in 1961, is next to Cathkin […]

Five major skills projects in Scotland’s heritage sector have won backing from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The fund has earmarked more than £3m for a range of projects, which will create 118 paid training placements. Initial support is being made through its Skills for the Future programme. The projects are being led by Museums Galleries Scotland, Scottish Council […]

The Mass Observation Archive will feature in tonight’s “The People’s Coronation with David Dimbleby”. To mark the sixtieth anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, David Dimbleby tells the story of a ceremony which for centuries had been the preserve of the privileged. But in 1953, after initial resistance, the coronation would, for the […]

There seems to have been a burgeoning interest in the Women’s Suffrage Movement recently, if prime time television is anything to go by anyway. Last week we had Clare Balding’s Secrets of a Suffragette on Channel 4, investigating what really happened when activist Emily Davison threw herself in front of the King’s Horse during the […]

Jade Richardson is a Product Design student at Glasgow School of Art. She recently undertook a new project about WW1 and was interested in looking at the School during this period, the Roll of Honour in the Mackintosh building, and the students and staff who participated in the war. We asked Jade about how she’s […]

The threat of demolition looming large over increasing numbers of Brutalist buildings has inadvertently thrust the style back into the public conscience. There was even a feature on The One Show last night… Down the road at University of Strathclyde, planners are still refusing to rule out demolition of its famous architecture building while in England, Preston […]

The Studio, a designing, making and textiles club for 10-18 year olds in Glasgow, has teamed up with the GSA Archives and Collections for an exciting 15th month project called ‘Sew Last Century!’. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Young Roots programme, the project will enable 60 young people from Glasgow to explore the Textiles heritage […]

A new exhibition called Scots at Work: Celebrating Scotland’s Extraordinary Working Archives is currently running at The National Records of Scotland. Celebrating Scotland’s extraordinary working archives, the exhibition including rarely-seen documents and objects from Scotland’s archives and museums, as well as the National Records of Scotland. From Antarctic adventure to tartan, from banking to engineering, and […]

Reflections on the creation, examination and dissemination of arts organisations’ archives. 1 July 2013, White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey SE1 3TQ Many arts organisations are interested in locating and exploring their archival heritage. What are the driving forces behind this interest? How much archive material survives, where and in what condition? What can archives tell us […]

Archivists at the University for the Creative Arts have been busy collating examples of how students and other artists have been using their archives and special collections for creative practice. They have collated these case studies to form a Pinterest site. At the moment the site features an exhibition by five art students which uses […]

The National Archives have embarked on a new collection strategy called Archiving the Arts. The arts is a complex area to archive, because arts organisations’ and artists’ heritage is more than their documents and records: to capture the essence of an art form for posterity, a variety of audio and visual media are often needed, and […]

A few months ago we blogged about artist Nicola Naismith‘s use of archives in her creative practice in a project based at the Norfolk Record Office (NRO) in Norwich and the Parliamentary Archives (PA) in London. The project was a commission to make a digital artwork from documents in both the Parliamentary Archives and Norfolk Record Office […]

We’ve recently added some case studies to our website about how various types of researchers have used Glasgow School of Art’s Archives and Collections Centre. So far these include information about how, for example, Ambrose Gillick, an architectural researcher, has used the Gillespie, Kidd & Coia archive in his work on the project Roman Catholic Church […]

Glasgow Caledonian University will host a touring exhibition of the Embroiderers’ Guild collection from 9th May-20th June 2013. The Embroiderers’ Guild collection includes c.11,000 catalogued items, comprising pieces spanning more than six centuries and many countries. Catalogued items also include designs, threads and needlework tools. The beginnings of the collection saw embroideries, photographs, articles on embroidery […]

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of attending a symposium about the Needlework Development Scheme held at Edinburgh College of Art/University of Edinburgh. The Needlework Development Scheme is an important and overlooked part of Scotland’s textile history. Founded by Scottish thread manufactures J&P Coats in 1934 with the specific intention of educating through study and […]

Glasgow School of Art alumnus David Shrigley has been nominated for this year’s Turner Prize, which is to be held at Ebrington in Derry-Londonderry, 2013’s UK City of Culture, in December.  He is shortlisted for his solo exhibition Brain Activity, at London’s Hayward Gallery.  Turner Prize organisers said the exhibition was a “comprehensive overview” that revealed “his […]

You may remember our previous post about the Mackintosh Clocks Project. Well,  after many months of hard work by horologists Nick Sanders and Ken Chappelle, the clocks are ready to be installed. Yesterday we welcomed BBC Scotland’s Arts Correspondent Pauline McLean to the Archives and Collections Centre where she interviewed Curator Peter Trowles about the […]

Last night some of the team of GSA tour guides visited the Archives and Collections Centre to explore further research materials to help inform their tours. The School’s collection includes the student registers where Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who studied at, and subsequently design the school, is listed. Mackintosh curator Peter Trowles answered many questions on […]

Not one, not two, but three new posts by project volunteers on the Glasgow Miracle project blog for you. Visit the blog to read the articles: Social Culture and Special Unit Sculpture The 1990 TSWA Four Cities Project in Glasgow and the proposals that never materialised  The National Archives of Scotland

The Royal Geographical Society has just published a brand new walk (see the Kilmahew walk eflyer) as part of the Discovering Britain project. Hidden in the woods of Kilmahew Glen is an abandoned country estate with the ruined remains of habitation from the medieval to the modern period. Kilmahew has had many incarnations, each new vision and design […]

Rebecca Wade (AHRC Postdoctoral Researcher, “Connecting with Collections”, Museum of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge) recently visited us in relation to her research project about teaching aids and plaster casts – we’re really pleased her visit was so useful. Best of luck with the project, Rebecca!

The Colour Reference Library (CRL) at the Royal College of Art is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of colour-related publications in the world. Containing well over a thousand books, together with pamphlets, swatches and journals, the library covers numerous aspects of the vast field of colour-based studies, encompassing art and science, theory […]

Friday’s Woman’s Hour looked back on Joan Eardley, one of the most celebrated painters to live and work in Scotland during the last century. It’s 50 years since she died and there have been various events recently to celebrate her life and work. Joan Eardley (1921-1963) graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1943 and went […]

We’ve recently discovered a wonderful resource for all things knit. The Knitting Reference Library is based at the University of Southampton’s Winchester Campus. It includes about 3,000 books, over 10,000 knitting patterns plus knitting pattern books and a comprehensive collection of journals and magazines. The printed books date back to the 1840s commencing with about 70 Victorian […]

On Wednesday afternoon we welcomed a group of 23 ICON (The Institute of Conservation) Conference delegates to the School. The ICON Conference is a triennial event, this year taking place at the University of Glasgow. This year’s theme is “Positive Futures in an Uncertain World” and it’s hoped the event will inspire conservation professionals and all […]

There’s still a few days left to catch a BBC Radio 4 programme The Concrete and the Divine exploring the church architecture of Isi Metzstein and Andrew MacMillan, the innovative partners of renowned Glasgow firm Gillespie Kidd & Coia during the second part of the 20th century. In the programme we hear architectural historian and broadcaster Jonathan […]

Fred Selby: a very English name for a German-Jewish refugee. Indeed, Selby was born in Germany as Manfred Salinger. He studied architecture at the Technical College of Berlin in the 1920s under Modernists such as Walter Gropius and Erich Mendelsohn (despite having Albert Speer, “Hitler’s architect”, as a classmate. Selby even apparently wrote to Speer […]

Members of Glasgow’s Mitchell Library have just been given digital access to an extensive online music archive. Rock’s Backpages contains over 20,000 classic articles on many musical artists across all music genres by some of the most prolific music-journalists of the last 50 years. A library of over 300 audio interviews, including conversations with Leonard […]

RCAHMS (The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland) has launched a Flickr site. RCAHMS collects, records and interprets information on the architectural, industrial, archaeological and maritime heritage of Scotland. It holds an archive of over 18 million items including photographs and albums from the 1840s to the present day, original architects’ […]

The Archives and Collections Centre would love to hear what you think about our user services, so if you’ve ever sent us an enquiry or visited the ACC, we’d be really grateful if you could complete our short survey.

A retrospective look at the 1980s as remembered by the people who lived through Thatcher’s Britain is the basis of a new digital archive project. The project combines previously distinct collections from the Mass Observation Project, British Library Oral History Collections and the University of Sussex Library to create an open access resource for teaching […]

In celebration of Easter and all the chocolate that will be consumed this weekend, we’ve dug out photographs of some charming Easter-themed advertising designs by a former Glasgow School of Art student. There are design proposals for packaging for Terry’s chocolate bars, and some lovely advertising posters for Easter eggs too. They date from around […]

University of Stirling Archives have recently blogged about a new accession of material to their Norman McLaren Archive, consisting of a set of 64 letters, letter-cards and postcards sent by McLaren to his friend (and fellow filmmaker) Helen Biggar in 1936 and 1937. You might remember from our previous post about Helen Biggar, the two met while […]

A few weeks ago (Monday 11 March), Clause 65 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill reached report stage in the House of Lords. The Government proposes to repeal section 52 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, and thereby increase the term of protection of copyright in mass-produced designs from 25 years to […]

Dunkeld’s archives used to be housed at the top of one of the stone towers at Dunkeld Cathedral, Strathtay. Their new home, in formerly disused public conveniences at a prominent position in a corner of the town cross, was officially opened today.

American Architect William McDonough, in an attempt to record the major intellectual events in our lives instantaneously, will be the first living archive at Stanford University. This means that the architect, a leader in sustainable development, has started filming all of his meetings and recording all of his phone conversations. The archive will even feature his […]

With hundreds of new international staff and students joining Glasgow School of Art each year we thought it would be interesting to reflect on those that have come to GSA from far and wide to teach and study here over the years. We start our quest with Chinese student Tsoo Hong Lee. Tsoo Hong Lee […]

An exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections entitled Mr Dedman’s Victory Suit: Intimate stories of make do and mend will showcase work by Dr Amanda Ravetz, a visual anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow, Manchester University, and Antonia Riviere, a textile artist and Artist-Facilitator at Barrington Farm Art Centre, Norwich. Work on display has been produced […]

Illustrator Julie Verhoeven, famed for the bright and cheerful illustrations that have coloured numerous well known brand’s advertising campaigns such as H&M, Lancome and M.A.C., has recently created some new artwork (below) inspired by the British Library’s magazines collection and wildlife sounds. The new piece was created especially for the Spring Festival 2013 (which celebrates music, fashion and fun […]

Adam Matthews Digital have just published the third part of the highly renowned and award winning Mass Observation Online portal. From the end of the ‘Hungry-Thirties’ to the onset and aftermath of the Second World War, Mass Observation Online captures the daily lives, hopes and expectations of British society and beyond during the mid-20th century. The additional material made […]

Just to the left as you enter the library is a new display dedicated to celebrated architecture firm Gillespie, Kidd and Coia. The display features library materials alongside items from the recently catalogued and conserved Gillespie, Kidd & Coia archive. Amongst the pieces which took our fancy are spectacles, rulers and drafting tools; a study […]